All I'm after is to be on your winning side, all I need is to be turning back the tide
cause I care too much for the life that I lead, what you're thinking could be anybody's guess.
All I'm after is the sun and the summer nights by the seashore, don't want no more neon lights,
just the sand and the sky as the hours roll by.
Ain't it funny, how the world seems to be back there in my dreams,
all I see is my reflection in your wild and winsome ways.
Ain't it funny, life feels different every day,
all I'm after is to be the flame in your tattoo,
be the one girl who can thrill me through and through.

This is just a guess but I must confess, it feels better being certain.
Please excuse my truthfulness, what I'm seeing's worth believing when you thrill me like you do.
So you wonder why my feelings never fade, I think I got it made.
In the evening when the rain begins to fall, that's when I wonder if you think of me at all.
But you sound so sad, in your special way,
ain't it funny, life feels different with each new passing day.
All I need is my reflection in your wild and windswept ways,
ain't it funny how life changes every day.

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