Bells of the evening, oh, sing to my love, tell her I miss her, my own turtledove.
The streets of the old town are covered with rain, I think I might never know true love again.
I'm lost with no road signs to guide me, a slave to my whiskey and dreams.
Bells of the evening, oh, bells that I love, I've got some feelings I long to be rid of.

I'm not one to ramble, I'm not one to boast though I had one lover more lovely than most.
She was a country girl born to be free who took to the city by chance there to find me.
Bells of the evening go pealing, I'm down here listening to you.
Bells of the evening, oh, bells of the sea, tell her that I miss her, I'm lost and so lonely.

Bells of the evening, your sweet Sunday sound
reminds me of the redwoods and moss covered ground.
So if I should wander on back to the coast, tell her to remember it's her I need the most.
I'm caught by the minstrel's misfortune of being forever displaced.
Bells of the evening, oh, bells of the sea tell her that I love her, that I'm lost I'm so lonely.

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