Ay man, i’mma’ tell you why i’m thugged out
Ay yeah i got a crime fetish, says fuck these mutha’fuckas

Never been a busta’
I don’t fuck with them ‘bustas
That nine in ya’ face pussy nigga i don’t trust ya’
This right to ya’ melon like them boys in 7th heaven
I be gone in a second, gotta’ load my mac-11
Ridin’ through the streets with them boys packin’ heat
Niggas know it’s lil b, and they know i’m pretty ?
Gotta’ be wit’ the shit, cause i roll one deep
Bitch i’m in vp, cause i’m playin’ for the heat
Military soldier, comin’ from the sea
H20 all day, man i’m comin’ for the tree
‘n i might hit a 3, wit’ a scope and the beam
4 wheel motion, the till stay open
My house stay open, he stay cockin’
Make ya’ head red like that boy dennis rodman
He stay loaded, the beef got me focused
Smack ya’ on the street like them niggas out in oakland
I got phonk like – i’mma’ tell you suttin’ niggas
A few suckas tried to check game – had to bust niggas
Playin’ wit’ that ratchet, ‘n i’m smokin’ wit’ that ratchet
Talkin’ ’bout the gun, ‘n i ain’t talkin’ ’bout a bad bitch
Bitch paid me cause she say i do magic
Nigga play wit’ me i had to burn em’ like matches
I do me, ‘n i’m hustlin’ no discussion
Lotta’ mutha’fuckas did-died over nothin’

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