Yeah, niggas gotta crown me, you feel me?
Niggas gotta crown me, rawest rapper alive
Yeah I been doing it, know what I'm saying
Standing around these fuck niggas, still keeping my head tall
Yeah I ain't tripping off of none of these niggas
Yeah, yeah

I still push that old baby, old navy
Gq, nigga with the swag of an old lady
Fucked a couple of hoes, then beat I up my old lady
I'm really gangsta but niggas think I'm so crazy
Coming with the chop, better get back, what now
I still got bitches (ha), what now
And I don't think I heard those diss tracks
I'm riding through the maybach, I got a song with Lil Wayne
And I'm unsigned you faggot ass niggas, so next time you speak
I'm a handle that nigga, I'm a short nigga with a tall bitch
And I'm a gangsta nigga with a square bitch
I love to fight fair bitch, but remember, I'll never be scared bitch

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