If I learn one thing in this life
A lot of people walk away blind and
Not even reading a book
Letting alone picking it up
This base got vely
Is gonna change niggas lives
Change the world
Slow beat
Ros rap forever
Ros rap alive

Nigga talk about lil b be killed row
Stupid bitch man I'm bout to rap game
It ain't hard to be a dog and go crack
Much harder to have a smile I chose rap
It ain't hard to smoke weed and go caps
It ain't hard to pimp hoes man you for that
It ain't' hard to a nigga and
Much harder to go outside and use your brain
Much harder to go to colleagues and go graves
Much harder to go get a job to go you see

We use to give up and go complain
Real easy to get a strike and get to jail again
Real thugs is and I kill niggas
Real thugs is the one that go help niggas
Real thugs is the one that go cry for you niggas
Real thugs wasn't right for you niggas

Choose a life, choose your life
Choose your life lil b

I can tell most rapers lying to you
They don't' care about you
They just want that check
Rap rap cause I do that shit for respect
Rap rap cause I wanna bring people peace
I just almost lost my life in the fucking streets
That's why man I never glorify the
Most rap niggas faith never face thirty

Came home bounce back little involved
Man I swear that's why I got my basedgod
Man I swear if I make it man I pray to God
'Cause I know a lot of people wanna be involved
And I know a lot of people wanna see me fall
Well I never give up that's
But I never give up that's

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