About murder (damn) cold, sweaty
This ain't funny
Bro I'm really funky
1045C lookin' critical
(Based God based God)
Cool individual I ain't got no hitter cause I am the hitter!
Only famous bitch still thuggin' on the dealer
Tiny shirt, tiny pants bitch my killer
What is the blizzard?
I'm still thuggin' to the end you fucking bitch (based God)

Like I said bro... You know
With this number one bitch I see
I see that we gon' have some problems
Ok, that ain't nothing, it ain't nothing
You ain't ready for that bitch!

I'm steady funking, bro always funking
(Swag based God!)
Damn I'm heavy funking... I think I kinda like it
I poured another duke
Ohh I'm so excited
I'm heavy east stocking
(Fuck with me)
I'm over 40l
(Ad libbing)

Based God struggling but everybody loves it
I'm so high I stay burnt in public
(Based God)
You say that you're thugging? Na, I'm heavy thuggin'
Pretty bitch back in the thumps I does it
Everybody does it, but hey bitches love it
Got that chopper chopping like dora the explorer

You act like a whore (swag) I'm a take you lower
I think I'm bruce willis cause I'm living
In a movie it's a rated r movie
I'm still in the jacuzzi
Hoes suck my dick then the beat turn up
Raise hell in the cell bitch and rep where you're from
A hundred thousand dollars I rep where I'm from
Fuck em!

We bout dat wo bitch
Number one bitch mixtape

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