Gutta shit know what I'm saying
Do this for the, beautiful new age you feel me?
This the golden age too, I'm a tell you something man
Westside shit shout out to my eastside brothers

The wait is over
Let me tell you when I been that
I'm eating these niggas I started rapping with a chin strap
I'ont rap average, nigga I rap crizack
You hoes suck nizuts, my niggas love them rizacks
Get up in the bizack, I'm loaded like it's crizack
We'ont drink cristal we throw that in the bizack
My niggas we the business, push ups for the fitness
Never say anything and never be a witness

This shit is just a litmus, rapping for the fitness
I don't freestyle so, don't get on my hit-list
Unless you want to get this, 'less you want to get rich
Turn a nigga blind like a girl with them big tits
Rap shit easy my nigga I'm like a blue pit
Whatchu wanna do? Whatchu wanna do?

My nigga, whatchu wanna do?
Eating tracks for dinner
My nigga I will show you that everything I say
Is nigga cause I own you, my nigga I will fold you
Roll you up and smoke you
This rap shit, I'm 24 that's it
Bring the beat back, berkeley bitch

Yo, bring the motherfucking beat back
Bring the motherfucking beat back (scratch)
Bring the mother - (scratch)
Bring the motherfucking - (scratch) bring the beat back
(Scratch) bring the (scratch) the beat back
(Scratch, scratch) bring the beat back
Bring the beat back, bring the beat, bring the beat
(Scratch, scratch, scratch)
Bring the beat back

Let me holla'

Spend my money all day, and I make it back
Tell them bitches get racks you know I'm in the pack
I'm getting my sack licked, ya feel me?
I'm a rap nigga with a million stacks
She love me, my money double back
Drop the bitch off she never coming back
Around the corner, I'm bout that money stack
Real berkeley boys got it up double that

Coming in like the flea market
Riding down whatchu wanna do with down-market
Shouts out to marcus, all my builders doing
They thang' in the auction
Doing it to dark shit
We got to get the right way
The right way is the wrong way
But niggas know about the right way
To, get educated too
Love everybody, cause I love you

Bring the beat back, bring the motherfucking beat back
(Rare scratching noises)
Bring the beat back (scratch)
Bring the beat back

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