Yo, a lot of people ask me what I believe in
You know, I'm like, I believe in what you believe, man!
You know, I'm down with the world, man
Whatever we are, whatever we see to get by every day
But you know I respect the highest above
Everything, you know, I'm so grateful to be alive, man, it's great!

I just wanna say that God is real
Angels is waking up, man, the days we feel
Blunt shots, man they're speaking the word
You gave me the message, how can I understand it?
From a real person who lived up
Would he never knew that he would tell me this stuff
His partner over way still Kushing
Saying man, he an angel, I believe
What they speak is so real
Shit man, I really can't believe it!
Life got a little deeper meaning
Man, it's Heaven or Earth
You can't lose your joy, you lose your worth
Stress make it much worse
Kill reviving your soul, cause it's real!
Really, how I feel?
Either we're brain washed or coincidence
But angels is really shit!
I'm peeping like the person
When Jesus spit, every person gotta gift for receiving it!

Everybody gotta gift for receiving it.
I seen an angel, I seen an angel!

Angels is real, I'm living a life of bliss
I just pray for this, Who you pray to what?
Who may look like pray in your heart?
I keep in touch with my inner light
My inner light shines bright
All my intent is come up front
Come up for respect! I just start under
Now pop it on the banner
My whole rap Chris banana
At 14 I predict that I will win
Predict that I will get double XL freshman
Predict that I will change the world if I said I was an angel
Would you even believe it?
My knowledge oversees it,
The blue print of my system stay with them
You feel me?
The light keep vision, don't like to keep vision
I keep visions, see visions, come from another place
See, this is the real shit
I agree to that and I agree to this!
Let's spread love and see where we
Who we see at, what happens after that is something like magic!

I believe in angels, I seen the angel
Yeah, I've seen the angel in my mind!

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