I got the eyes of a lion, a heart of a cat
I gotta watch my every step, I don't trust you niggers
You say you do this, but who you nigger?
Last time I see you, you would screw you niggers
Now you all on my dick cause I got rap money
Don't think I won't put it up, next to your money
You really got a problem, talking death making niggers bleed,
Like biggy small
Niggers wanna stick me for my paper
Man, run upon a bitch and put a
He thought lil' b was a sucker

Until he seen the killers that's behind
Him man it's nothing
Call him body
Bitch I'm fucking driving and I'm aiming guns at you
Since you ain't scared of a man how
You put my life in your hands
I never play dirty cause them niggers die,
Used to hate on me, now I look him in the eyes
Send him a trip in the sky

All you do is lie like a 745, you got the whole body
I cop the maserati, riding through the hood
I'm seeing everybody
Niggers don't love me, that's life when you famous
I ain't even hurt
Pretend I never heard a nigger saying lil' b faking
Never heard them saying that I was a sucker
Never been a snitch, never been an undercover

Fuck being this, that dope feed mental
Niggers never rock, fuck them niggers it's simple
Easy money get you fucked over with taxes
Uncle sam will put you down he laughing
Cause you stupid niggers pay to be in jail
I'd rather be on earth than ride out no bail
I'd rather work hard to be sitting in the sale

Talking about you found guy you burning up in hell
We make mistakes, I remain positive, things catch up
Watch how you move, please slow down
It's enough love and money to go around, I guarantee
Basedgod velli.

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