Fuck them niggas who hate me
I don't give a fuck, bitchmob respect me
4 5 Grips, tip top, stay strapped
Bitch I'm worldwide, fuck 'em, bringing the bay back
One man gunner, fuckin' with down unda
Got the mag down unda, call me joe plumber
I mean joe greene, all about my green
Still on the yellow bus with a gun and some lean
Pink shirt, tiny jeans, bruh man
I'm a fuck his whole
Bounce out then I smash

Comin' with the gat and the mask
Sleep in a bin, man you niggas is trash
Still thugged off in the back streets
Feelin' like sonic, I don't think you can catch me
Feelin' so guttah open up the matches
I'll lay ya boy, motivate ya team
Got the game playin', all you need is me
Top of the gun, all you see is weed
I put a little purple at the tip
So you can get high when that chew-chew
Chew-chew grip (pow pow pow)

And I don't gotta gas cause I'm about that life
With that motherfuckin' mask
Send a nigga straight to class
Man [?] low bell, it breaks too fast
Come up over here, I'm a break his ass
13 And 14 I was takin' cash
After job before that, I was 20 makin' ten dollars
Full street, fuckin' with my homeless partners
Now I'm 22 stay connected with the chopper
I ride no license, too legit
I was fuckin' up nigga, on my dick couldn't quit

Niggas looked at me so sick
Bruh, I swear I've seen niggas that looked like [?]
I was ridin' with 'em right beside me, I'll eat 'em
Breh you don't know, I've been violated too many times
I'm a hold that iron
I want 20 million or better, that's just a sign
I'll beat your ass and kill you for my honor
This rap game look too familiar
Shout out to the dj that dropped my shit back on replay, bitchy

Fuck 'em
Uh, I'm down unda
I said I'm comin' from down unda
I said we comin' from down unda
I'm comin' from down unda, bitch
I said I'm comin' from down unda
I'm comin' from down unda, lil b
And this that #1 bitch mixtape

Yeah we goin' all the way in
Yeah, you know, we just playin'
With 'em somethin' easy
You know we been doin' this
Ten thousand or better
And I ain't talkin' about dollars man
That's money, that's music
Like I said we make history, lil b will make history
Based world we done made history

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