Deals whoodie, deals whoodie
Bitch I got them deals whoodie
Aye, aye girl (damn)
Man, everybody knows I got them fucking deals, God damn it! Green flame!
You got that real deal whoodie, I fuck with you (fuck with you)
Them same niggas that fuck me over, they admire me
I hold that mac clip, like a whore! (bow!)
Just show me pounds I'm a show you bout the safe, aaahhh!
Everyone knows about that, 58 (based God!)
I got a mask on my face
I got a crime fetish, I got a knife fetish
That real deal whoodie (God damn it)
I need about 3 more bitches, yeah
Tell them it's my party

I'm a tell you like this whoodie
I ain't gonna have no sympathy (never)
No bitch ass suckers, just out there, tryna do
Now I'm a tell you like this man, niggas is so foul (so foul)
Why you running round with that clap, but you fucking no gal?
As long as she got that shit, she don't tell nobody
You gonna see me face first, I'm a see about you
Yeah, you feel me, for my safety (whore, whore!)
They don't lay me,.. Fucked up, everybody going crazy
So you gotta hold that chopper like you're working within the navy

Bitch don't tell me I'm crazy
I ain't gonna do no game
On top with the fame, glock with that aim
Emotional, (aahh!), you could flash your lights at me
What's the sell whoodie? I ain't gon' tell ya homie (based God!)
Niggas got that shit, I'm a tell you bout that
I went and got the bullet proof vest (damn whoodie)
I'm a tell ya like this bitch (damn!)
These hoes ain't safe, she had your baby
Cause you had to take her last man's place, that real gay you bitch (green flame)

Tell me bout them deals whoodie, now show me bout that pill whoodie
Damn, I'm a tell it like it is whoodie
I'm a make a deal whoodie, tell me bout that pill whoodie
I'm a tell it how it is whoodie, I'm a make a deal whoodie
Tell me bout the pills whoodie, I'm a tell it like it is whoodie
I'm a make a deal whoodie

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