Free all my niggas today
Free all my niggas today
Free all my niggas today

Free my OG,
Free my nigga out there in the streets
Free my old bro,
Free my young nigga, free the bro bro
Lock down old dough
Free my young boy, free my young nigga
Free my hoe, free my bitch, free my life.

They try to tape roll down,
Bro got ten, bro got burn,
Bro got took down, bro house got rated,
Bro too solid, bro got caught up,
Now you're getting tax, bro got sin,
Bro fin the tape to bench, damn
My nigga in court looking sick, damn.

Free all my niggas today, (all my niggas today)
I'm sayin, free all my niggas today,
All my niggas today,

My bro cush bags, big bro no,
Lil bro know that big bro way high
Free my young nigga out there doing things, bro no
Daddy he die, bro not humble, bro 07, bro like damn,
Free my OG out there doing 10 like damn,
Free my older brother caught with the jones in the air like damn
I'm gonna celebrate my nigga doing 10 like damn
They doing life we're taking that change like damn
Free to bro, don't chance, we do it for a better life like man,
Free my OG doing time under pressure like damn,
You know every day I'm sitting in this bricks like man
Free all my niggas man
Free all my niggas man.

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