Handle these niggers with handles
Something like hannibal lector,
Coming through these section
All wrecking, I could wreck it before
All these niggers want to catch a body
Now they sitting in jail
Force hell and they say that the prison is a war
Nigger slip through the falls
Wanna talk with God cracks in the floor
How you gonna see with no glasses

Boy your vision ain't straight, when you in the church
And you steal from the place
That ain't cool, that's all just for symbols
Officers pull me over, I am not in a rental
A lot of dudes look like me, you drug dealers and pimping
I beat the odds, most won't beat the charge
Trying to fall back as I think
They still stuck in they ways

Ace couldn't even make the change
They just mad at the world
Same old story, niggers flashing on girls
Get your life together, this world, for real

I stay on try angle, all
My new brand looking awesome
In my mind I'm flossing, take a piece of real to eat
And I don't ever sleep, till I touch the world with rapping and action
For a purpose boy, I move back and I lock
I'm on top giving face, give me your fucking props

Man I gotta be the realest ever hands down, hands up

He no bounce back from 10 felonies
You do that now and you doing life I can say that now
No trusting the game, most thieves is busters
Don't be no sucker, you better be
Quick decisions, fall back one time
Y'all gotta prove nothing, just prove you're smart
I'm a push that hard line, I'm a wear regardless
Feel like a real don, keep it on

Never floss to my family, always keeping silent
Before I rock too steady, blocks is heavy
Got a bird on my back and it ain't dropped already
Got a bird in my house and I keeps it ready
Ain't talking about food I make it spaghetti
Ain't trying to be rude but you niggers is lame
Got a pistol on my arm, I take your ass on a date, bitch

Man I gotta be the realest ever hands down, hands up

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