We're too silent, base world, we all soldiers
I'm the reason you got your deal bitch, asap
On his dick girl, she love that basedgod
I still rock with the ak
Niggers like me I pour love,
Bitch you never spray, you never rock how I rock
That sell block, that dope block, that never give a fuck no security
That's how I rock, never break the click we stay
Style until the jump street
Shout outs to that water run real deep

It's funny how our niggers try and sneak this
Weak bitch, I can hear it in that bullshit
You're never in the pol pit
Shouts out to hip hop and digital drip
I got a shotgun the same size as a small keep
Never let it get to me, boy I made history
Never gonna do what I done, it's a mystery
People live in misery, I don't respect your game bitch
I got them rear vibes from your squad, shit
That's why I hold a chopper nigger, man down
Defense, learn from the people, now I eat

Never breathe, but how you gonna read my book
I'm a tell you nigger this, don't be a crook
You to get your arm cut, like the thieves do
In america, boy this is a war zone
Base with an army, and a navy
Got get your chrome, we silent bitch
We don't even need the guns, no mass
This is all before the deal, I still ain't got a deal
Because I don't want one, niggers going for cheap, not me
I'm moving 2 guns, got holler respect so
I want the cool one, but I'm feel to go to college

I'm feel and learn what I want, and apply it to me
It's a feel, it's too real, people die in these streets
I'm happy that I made it and I'm glad I seen the day today
One life and one love, now let's pray to ourselves today
Basedgod velli, basedgod velli

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