Just boys from the hood, that keep my life good

If you really thuggin put your hands int he air
Yeah man, you should buy the new Pink flame mix tape, do you feel me?
You get me into that, we're making history every fuckin day

Pussy get left call, niggas on call ice,
Sliding through the hood with the heat on the cold night
Stayin on the mission, under handy, so nasty
Can't stand em, little bus, stay with the ahnd in
Niggas ain't on me, but I had to this man do,
Open up like a sand do, really heat like a candle,
Can't be the... really coudln't handle,
I can't handle when my life was a gamble,
Shout out to the rhyme, my nigga found no west,
I'm a tell you bout me, my life, the stars,
I've been bruised to squad, back to living large,
Be the smoke better cause, fake bitches, bed abroads,
I thought I'd go broke, but I'm still lviing large,
You have a foundation before you become a star
Niggas getting mad when I'm coping new cars,
They dumpin old bitches, shit on hate abroads Lil B

Living in the night,
This real thugs stories, this is all for you
Living the night,
Do you feel me like I said, man pay flying
This is bringing back memory,
For the real motherfuckers that's in it, you know this,
Drive to your wip right now, man I see you sliding through China town.

This shit crazy, tryin to be a soldier,
Happed on the feel, but you got ran over,
Lion to the guns, got lions to the guns,
You feel me, that shit slight go,
Choppers in the street AKA is getting soldier
Playing with the nines not but I'm kind of old...
Bro cross the line, now the story young fool,
Everybody in the woods, another story untold,
Your team used to grow and spread love, do whatever thug does,
I guess that's me showing love,
Niggas acting like they ready for action,
I've been thuggin' like... when you was bangin' actin'
Wider streets, now my family is start to rappin'
Niggas try to play me, niggas catch to gas,
I'm the raws in the game and I won't be last,
Bitch respect my mind, I'll get paid straight cash Lil B.

Living in the night, right in the night,
I'll love you int he night, right in the night.

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