Nigga fireworks
See that's what it is huh?
5150 fuck with me
Like I said nigga, we taking it to that next level...
Lil B for Lil Boss
I Forgive You mixtape, I don't hold no grudges
5150, 3130 - 5150 fuck with me my nigga
You know what it be like man
Lil B in this muthafucka man
Shout out to the made niggas

Hating on my line, bitch I had to knock em back
Then I grip the duct tape, and tell em go get that
Now pump, knock the shit back
Niggas wanna hate I tell em I ain't even with that
Get money shit is what I'm on - is you with that?
Niggas wanna play, but this is not a game bitch
Clip on the Mack and I ain't even gotta use it
These niggas wanna hate me - pass the AK please!
Stuff em in the trunk, that's based to your face
Real hot boy for real, I got case on top of case
And I don't know Queen Latifah
But I set it off with the 9 in the freezer
Got the baggy-bag, leave em right where I need em
Leave em fakes down, have em plank on this evening
189 is what they say when they grieving
187 ain't shit bitch this evening
I'm a mass up cause the army all ready
Big thangs because I'm working already
I'm a be self-made, deeper than the game
You better know my name, I'm geeked off the fame
Worldwide Based God, come and ride the train
That AK
Not my MO, but I take a picture - snap!
That boy just flashed
100 bitch - for real mayn

You niggas live for real, you got fake beef?
I can't respect you bitch - I'm in the streets

Respect my mind, respect my words
Came straight off the Porsche bitch, respect my nerves
Came straight off the dome with no speeches
That nigga talk shit but he's down to eat it
I don't never talk shit, I'm not about the beefing
Got shit on my mind for no reason
I'm a hold it down all 12 seasons
I run the block like NFL muthafuckin seasons
You snitching bitch, I flip the switch
I don't whine, I don't cry
I wine and dine
Got 10 new whips and designer tires
if he hate on me
If he whine about taxes but that K free
Nigga just hate for publicity
I don't bitch, I run the world
Only unsigned nigga with a million girls
Based God!

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