I am 2pac, cause I'm as real as it gets
Keep it real something that I always did
Posted up in the hood with them silver playing cards
Stuck in the game, said I'm realer I beg your pardon
I ride on you suckers, anybody I'm 'bout it 'bout it
My mind is the key, I'm a use it and think about it
Wall to wall catacombs, pleasing your daddy homes
Stuck in the game, basedworld we flexing bro
At it so hard, I'm the next to go

Latin in my blood, keep it real like mexico and navajo
Keep it real I'm not a ho, he got to go
Playing in the game, they're praying for lawsuits
Sue me, you better have life insurance too
Watch over your body, like them birds do
Pick your ass up off the ground, like bird food

Feel like a peasant, trying to find my life again
I stand with grace, with a shield I paper chase
The helmet created by the basedgod himself
The heart was just the rappers, put the food on the shelf
Everybody want to say that I'm helping myself
When I help the world, bitch help yourself
I'm an only child, I was God's impression
2Pac perfected, outlaw on records

I will never lose the game, my historical effort
This is more than music, collect this message
Basedworld paradise, man the streets infested
With the happy people, I'm a be invested
Crown me the God, of all the seasons
Watch me enjoy me, cause you ain't gon' beat me
So stop annoying me, I'm off the wall like rotary
The rap game is more to me, you don't want war with me - lil b

To me lil wayne gotta gift
Come to basedworld paradise, we don't enlist
We just pick, and we conquer your home
We make you slaves
Rape you for 100 years, then forget the pain
I'm a hide the knowledge, I'm a hide the game
I'm a force the pain, 'til you live the pain
And you hate yourself, cause none remains
Accept the picture, that we all paint
This a joint connection, when I seek, nobody protecting
Do you get my message? While I'm thinking, stressing

People think depression, I was born with crescents
Speaking another language, my message
I'm just another gamble, a genius
This is scriptures seamless, another thesis
I've never bowed to Jesus, but I respect Jesus
All this mind control shit, it got me fucked up
I'm about to expose this
I'm on another level, and you people know this
I'm on another level, and you bitches know this - lil b

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