Bruh I'm in down bad bruh, bruh I'm in down bad bruh
Bruh I'm, I'm down bad bruh
Bruh I'm fucking with these cuh

Bruh I'm in down bad bruh
Bruh I'm in down bad bruh
Bruh I'm in down bad bruh

Yes, I might have to hit him
With a chop dog, low key knock em off
Damn bruh down bad dog
I'm thinking about heaven dog

I'm thinking about throwing lead at ya'll,
Shots at the court like basketball
Bitch mob knock em all
Damn bruh they going to knock em all
Damn bruh it's a dirty game
Out in the game, I'm so ashamed
Damn bruh I love keykey, damn bruh

I'll do you bad bitch, fuck fucking a bad bitch
I'm on a hunt I'll murk a nigga
Real talk I'll shirt a nigga
Pussy wet I'll squirt a nigga
Damn bruh I'm a goon man
But these niggas is so fucking creep
Thinking about killing young niggas
Man the game is so fucking deep
Bruh I ain't even a bad person
Dog this just life dog, niggas fucked me dead over

No I ain't signed to, real talk I still love
Real talk man, I'm a fucking real thug
I don't know bruh to each is own
Real talk I'll flex the chrome
House the bitch and in the cage
I think of all the, niggas push me catch the fade
Niggas push me to hold the k, long range
Ra, ain't nothing like a shotgun
Come in my house I'm a pop one
You a pill I'm a pop one

Turn me in when the cops come
I'm just trying to live my life
But the evil want to stop some
I ain't trying to end up like boosie
Cause these niggas is trying to do me
Don't wanna be like c murder
Down bad charles with a murder
Might have to red search him

They fucking with me cuh
Damn I'm doing bad bruh white flame

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