Baby where you at I'm tryna see you again
Bitches act fake and be lost in the wind
I miss you

Don't respect the people that turn the good... Cold
Girls move too fast, they wanna be too old
She want to be to thrown but she kinda look lone
But I'm lying out there, dudes tryna hop on
She tryna rock on in the dude

Thought it's the right way, wear what you want to wear dude
Try not to get it twice first time I ain't want to, but I had to
I loved her and I'm married to her it hurt me
I fell in love with a ho
But that's a label, that tv cable
I love the girl no matter what she did
She hit the block I love that bitch

I used the bitch and I used myself
Playing games with myself
Tryna move right
Tryna live life
Then the bitch disappeared
And it don't feel right
Where you at?

Damn, oh man
I think about you once
Throw rhymes we would talk about the game
Your mom and how you grown up
I did things for the money never hold up
That's why I respect women cause they ho up
Like don't disrespect them and don't expose them
Them good girls, man she a lost soul

I'm going nuts tryna figure out, tryna find her facebook
Disappeared in the wind where hoes be the blues
I guess I'm soft and damn goofy too
You pimpin' hard with kids, nigga?
That's not you we don't play them close
Saying true quotes
We were going crazy man lil b dope

Took the bitch before I seen these pictures back round
You feel me these nubian sisters
These girls gon' bad and I still miss her
I wanna hug her I'm still a nigga
You feel me?

Real talk aye, you feel me?
What's the deal my nigga?
All you gotta do is keep it real my nigga
Tell my bitch to holla at me what it do, baby?
I lost you in the wind baby
And I don't know where you at
This ain't even about money
You know what I'm saying?

This ain't never been about money
This just like where my bitch?
You know what I'm saying cause I love you
Like where my girl at you know what I'm saying?
You know we been hot from the jump
You been fucking with me
Where you at? These bitches be so off
And on, you feel me?
So predictable man

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