[Verse 1:]
I got alot of bitches
Call me bar sensing
55 hoes ask me about Based God
I'm Based God flash bitches like Based God
Bitch call me Based God,
That's the fucking man in town
I'm Based God drop top
Bitch suck my dick
Big thing don't drink haze me
55 based God I wanna be your homie
Fuck my main bitch so I never get lonely
Ask me about dope I'm a tell you who got it
Bitch I ain't hiding, hoe ain't hiding
Please take a picture
He won't believe me I got alot of pictures
Went to sleep woke up I got 5 bitches
Nigga so jealous I got 10 bitches
Bitch you a beast, dope game crazy
Young Based God got the bitches in the navy

Bitch I'm Keith Sweat, [x16]

[Verse 2:]
Wrist game crazy,
Bling like OG
Still flex 50
Orange high bentley
Bitch sellin crack hoe you need to find Jesus
Kicks like fever, please like the refill
Girls in Florida nr. 1 supporter
Bitch kiss my ass 'cause I look like a lawyer
Brand new phantom, bitch I'm handsome
Bitch I'm Based God, Based God A rock
51 Based God, fuck my main bitch
So chains damn right
Flex that Betty White
Flex that Akon, cooking with that epron
Fuck my main bitch she said I'm amazing

Bitch I'm Keith Sweat, [x8]

Bitch I'm Keith Sweat [x4

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