You know what I'm saying listen to God speak it's lil b, it's lil b

I'm the motherfucking greatest
B-towns greatest, Lil B repper
Thick juice tipper, you see me I'm skating
Like jeans I'm faded, I ain't stopping
Ugh, Now we can raise the debt
Man I rip this shit, God given blessing
I'm the youngest nigga spittin'
Been eating niggas, now it's time for my dinner
Plus the plate getting bigger
Space for the chicken
Man, niggas act chicken
Scared like bitches
Infrared dot hit ya, that's a guaranteed mission
I'm a guaranteed spitter, I'm a guaranteed hit 'cha
Going platinum ain't a thing, nigga I'm a winner
I'm a eat you haters, man they looking and they bleeding
Believe it's beezy
I believe I'm undefeated put my cap on yo head
Guaranteed I start spittin
My life man, shit is God given
I ain't tripping off shit
Word of mouth ain't sitting
I been planning my position
Now a nigga is sitting
Never been scared of the dark, I turn it into an adventure
I spit crack man I'm tough like breaking dentures
If you want to take a break, go and sit up on the bleachers
And listen to my God given speeches, [?]
Bitch, listen to God speak

Bitch, listen to God speak
Listen to God speak

Money was my motivation, with the chopper mask
Niggas say my name, nah, bitch it's the son of sam
Better get fucking get john
Daddy was a dope fiend, niggas nosebleed
Only thing I had was my rap and the wingspan
Momma was an angel
I was on vacation I wasn't tripping off the hype
I had a night life breaking niggas everyday
Pistols make ya night bright
Ski's make ya... black
Niggas wanna pull my card, I'm fuckin' blackjack
Be cool nigga, get your face cracked
Like whatever, man, I'm from Berkeley
I told you niggas I'm not scared
Or fold up under pressure, man
I'm guessing, you fucking with a blank expression
You just relating a message
I hate to sniff niggas
Cops like numbers on a dresser
Make sure you dance with them
I dance with them and show you that double barrel
You feel me?
But I'm back and I'm back on my shit
This is back with the shit and I'm back with the shit
Back to the shit, that I say
I damn look good, man
I won't give these hoes dick
Big titties and she stupid
I love smart bitches, they brain and they coochie
They fuck with Lil B man, they made forever man
Lil B got the brains and the sweater
Rich girls love B, give me the dough and they pussy
What I rap about?
My life is good, why wouldn't you, man
OG, shout out to God
I'm listening to God speak while I break this ride

Aye, cut the check man, listen to God speak, Based Freestyle nigga, Basedworld Paradise

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