I am get thug, bitch I'm fuckin thug out
Came straight from the hood, right by the drug house
Nigga from the hood, sellin dope by the ribs yeah
Waterfront nigga, keep it real boy I've been there
Real birth nigga keep it real boy I've been there
Real wish me nigga keep it real I've been there
Real uncle nigga, stay smokin nigga
I don't give a fuck man if I go broke nigga
I'm thugged out, I'm a motherfucking hoe
Playin mad game, I'm a show you bout the fall
I keep it real, I got line to the water
It's a thin line between love and hate
I'm a tell you like this and I won't instigate
I can't cool it, you catch another case
That pretty bitch struggle, know how it's hustle

Bitch might fuck with a hoe and it's nothing
Baby shotgun giving out concussion
40 hunned based God, operator based God
Sound sisco, stay with em, out here man, keepin with the bitches
Maybe in parison, I'm a keep it real, I'm a motherfucking gangster
Nigga ask me if I'm a motherfucking gangster
I don't know, I might be a gangsters
Told em like this, I don't talk to strangers
I'm a keep it real man you know about the banger
I'm a stay active like a nigga that's in danger
Hustle either high, shouts out to y'all
Ballin nee high, I'm a thug in bitch
Ballin nee high, got a lot of bitches
Tell you bout bitches and cars
I love hers and I love these broads, lil b.

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