Basedworld paradise mixtape

Always see my main bitch, got me fucked up arguing over bullshit
Gotta write these letters ain't speaking girl whos this
All up in your phone with them pictures, text messages
You didn't told me bout that other nigga but I don't believe that shit
Been here for a couple years bitch I don't need this shit you need me
Smoking, on the regular
Used to fuck her late night till the condom bust
Pussy wet as a mother fuck
And I'm stressed out what's the deal bitch you got me fucked up now
Woulda said I love you but I can't, not around
Don't act stupid, you can have me
Got mad, had a jack rabbit scram all out
If you want the dick bitch you can ball out
You got my phone numbers bitch you can call out
I got seven numbers come on and dial
Punk bitch

Bitches lying to the kid
Fuck em fuck em fuck em
Bitches lying to the kid
To the boss

You can have the last laugh, or the last lie
I try not to close my eyes cause life real
Gotta understand that we built to survive
In the jungle people wanna kill you, they wanna rumble
I'm tryna tremble yeah bitch my life?
Buying bottles, the same sizes as a model
Getting silly gifts by the prince of the island
You're not about this immunity, stand it up right here
Drivers all up on the plane
Gotta pay twenty grand just to fill up the gas
We talking bout cash, moving on the island
We tryna win and we outchea signing
Gotta be remembering that's the basedgod
Let's make it to the basedgod
Bigger things in store for the whole shop
Whole sale, I'm tryna cop everything nigga
That's on me bitch

Bitches lying to the kid

Bitches lying to the kid
Bitch I don't believe you (whoo)
Bitches lying to the boss
No - I don't believe you
Whoo, bitches lying to the kid
No I don't believe you
Bitches lying to the boss
I ain't gon fuck with you
Scandalous hoes all around
Bitch I know the basedgod
Bitch I'd never fuck with you
Hoooooo, hooooo, hoooo
Never fuck with you

(Everybody, baby)

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