I'm a tell you bout the lick that I just can't dream
I got a will down bitch I ain't gotta trip
I said dream, what you need,
Bitch I need a new car, bitch I need a new life
For west side thuggin' I'm not greedy
The fears on my ass but they won't see me,
Never, got the line to the rule pills
Gonan ride but bang so I can't feel,
My bitch said, if I'm dead,
She gonna ride in the streets off with your hand
I ain't no pussy never been no pussy
Squeem ass pussy, don't wanna push you
Watch out then, see you next summer

Keep the dope right int he hundred
I'm a keep it real with my next bitch
Real talk, I have to dump my ex bitch
Lil B, Pink Flame mixtape.
Pink Flame you know
We just keepin the gun all day,
We seat back, you know
Pink Flame mixtape boy we're rollin up every day
We're just keeping that shit so real,
You know sliding through the west, sliding through the east
North south worldwide, you know tot he whole world other side
Put your hands up west side,
Pink Flame up

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