Lil B, yeah I just killed the rap game
It's done. Don't ask me no mo'
"Even though what we do is wrong... "
I know hard days happy I'm a man now
Did my lil goon shit, yeah I had to sit down
Growing up, real niggas rap, fake niggas act
Minivans, stay Halloween cause we wear masks
Feel like a ho on the strip cause I got a Mac
Infrared beam, hit him first, aim it to his back
Real goon shit, caught up with it like a running back
Run North, hope you got grenades, ain't no coming back
Real west coast shit, run like the Taliban
The AK cost 2800 like Stunnaman
Put a sucka nigga on stage like Summer Jam
Gun got all peanut butter: I don't ever jam
You living in Neverland, bitch you never ever can
You rap niggas got no legs cause you never ran
From the top floor, 4 5's like the Son of Sam
Really wanna battle Lil B? That's 100 grand
And you ain't got 100 grand, I eat you for the motherland
Don't ever speak what Lil B speak, hit a man
Feel like the head chief with my tiny pants on
Let me remind you niggas: bitch I made the Vans song!
Shouts out to Wolfpack, still a young nigga man
Know I never leave where we started: bro I promise that...
Only time I leave is when bitch niggas start infiltrating
Throw it in the air and you looking like a dinner plate
Man I'm so hungry that my bones showing through my face
Damn near robbed my own bitch for a better space
Look forward to sitting down, I'm searching for the real shit
That two Twin Tower earthquake type of real shit
Don't gotta deal with still grind type of real shit
The only real niggas like me spit that I'll shit
OK, you niggas want me to stop that pretty bitch shit?
But y'all can't fuck with me: see that pretty bitch? Shit...
I don't say "homo" cause I'm a fucking thug
Should've been TLC: you a fuckin scrub
Don't understand me, I don't understand me
I'm the only rapper that can do what I wanna do
I'm the only nigga that can say what I wanna say
All these other niggas getting booed like OJ
I respect OJ, a fan of the Juiceman
Knew about Kool Keith, I listened to the Roots, man
Niggas say what they wanna say about Lil B
Til you get the fame and respect, it don't mean a thing
G get the car and the house boy it's all a dream
Feel like Malcom X and think I'm Martin Luther King
Bitches think I'm big meech, rawest rapper in the game
If you say Lil B sucks you're a fuckin' lame
I don't want awards and I don't want the fuckin' like
I think I'm The Source so I gave myself Five Mics
Niggas in jail waiting on to get their next kite
Only time I'm in jail a sucka try to take my life
Understand boy I just turned positive
Woke up today and I seen what my options is
And I know about these fake niggas
Infiltrate the game and I show you haters shake niggas
I am the earth so you are what you eat
Every rapper in the game gettin ate by Lil B
You nigga's disagree, well put it on the record
And you nigga's ain't ready it's like you on the summer league
I rap man I feel like I coach a team
Mo' money mo' problems it's the same thing
Real nigga definition you a fake nigga
Tattoos ain't shit but a lil bit of paint nigga
Remember that when you go and get your new tat
You do it for the bitches, I do it cause I had to rap
Remember go get your education
We playing in the game where the judge by your races
That's why sometimes people getting faceless
Trying to look like what they did in the Matrix
Man it's finna be a cold summer
Only got one friend
Coyote and the Roadrunner
All you rap nigga's tryin' to rap like Drake now
And he a good dude but shit I'm a hood nigga
People shitted on my life for as long as I could imagine
Listen to DMX depressed while I'm rapping
Changes going through my body man hood came fast puberty right beside it
But ask me why I stay writing
To release like I'm acting, contract my notepad
Anything remembered
Remember me as a legend that never took no for an answer
Strive for the dreams, that move around like dancers
Look into myself for the answers
Newborn child in my arms, see the light
Another chance given at life
Let's make it right
Lead the world, stop the fighting
Lil B

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