This is real based, yeah I represent
This is real based, bitch I represent
Shout out to the girls forgotten with a pimp
I walk on the block and I see that same shit
I don't know about you, but I see the same shit
I gotta make a move cause the greed is dangerous
Is hip-hop dead? Naw, it's misled
Now I understand why they say hip-hop dead
Yeah we getting money, but them thoughts in your head

Got "money" tatted on your head, you a funny dude
Better get money dude
Cause money won't get you
Money came so fast
That we started having issues
Like droopy, I have issue
Man, them people is against you
I respect nas cause that dude is official
Busta rhymes, papoose, dudes is official

I'm shady like whoo kid
But don't nobody want the truth to live
And I'm not by the dollar sign
My life's not lived on the dotted line
And love your fellow humans
Cause we don't want another columbine
My life's not on a dotted line
Don't worry, I'm fine

This is real based, yeah I represent

Tell a snitch, "bitch, you won't let me down"
I'll let you down boy, with the k rounds
Really, I ain't even about having guns
I'd rather slap the shit out you in a one-on-one
Rather slap the shit out you than shoot a gun
Keep it real nigga, I'm just having fun
Lil b in the club, and he on one
Yeah girl, let him fuck some

Bitch I'm so able, like cain and abel
Got bitches like cable, but I'm not stable
We move in the same direction
Only being one direction, I talk with one perfection
Smoke it up with the blunt connection
Our minds is infested
With the love, so don't trip off the projects
Cause we all a project, one love

This is real based, yeah I represent

Yo, I wanna give a shout out to new york, man
Shout out to new jersey
Shout out to motherfucking boston, I love you man
Shout out to maine, you feel me?
Shout out to canada
London, you feel me, sweden
Shout out russia
Ukraine, I love you baby
You know what I'm saying?
Shout out everybody
Worldwide, baby

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