Man this the real shit this the only real
Motherfucker you want to hear on this man
Like I said when I get on these beats they be done rip

I don't stay schemin
I stay with the demons
Stay bringing hell
There's gone be problems this season
If you niggas don't pass it
I don't want to play even
Even though I got honor
Honor don't stop drama
So I'm strapped up
Even put in my pajamas
Take 'em up top and feed em to the piranhas
You niggas all fake that's word to obama
... It's lil b... (yes)

But I give you niggas 20 shots
They fuck with the basedgod
They love me like 2pac
I'm from the hood so the roof drop
I'm starving like africans
The gun that I tote you won't come back again
Niggas love clothes that's why they stay on t-shirts
I almost murdered last year the stress got my knees hurting
I damn near got an ulcer from the closeup
Back 'em like coke up
Direct 'em like a chauffeur
Put this on your tongue
We gone hit the boss station

Already took a case
Alameda not playing
If you choke your thug route
Do your time and do whatever
Like rehabilitation jail made me better
Facing 36 made me feel like whatever
When I bounce back from that ain't know one better
It was a murderers, it was a rapist sitting beside me
Had to step my life up cause jail wouldn't defy me
Your a grown ass man why you on ankle monitor boy

Man you think that shit cool, that's just too much drama
And I keep the gun close like tools to a farmer
Got my bulletproof vest bitch I stay with the armor
And I don't give a fuck about karma
You gone get dealt with
Leave you dead in yo house
And nobody even smell shit

I fuck with them st killas
That will leave you on yo back
No jetskis nigga lil b back
And I'll hit you with the mack
Leave yo ass flat
Protect lil b protect basedgod

History number 1 bitch mixtape fuck 'em
(Realist shit alive) yeah (the realist shit alive) I ain't riding for no niggas bruh (look up to it in my eye) nah I ain't riding for my niggas bruh (you can see it in my eyes) nah I'm finna riding for myself nigga (the realist shit alive) uh I got that pistol in my right hand (you can see it in my eyes) yeah I got that pistol in my left

Hand uh I'm taking penitentiary chances these niggas fuck 'em give me advances fuck 'em fuck 'em I said (you can see it in my eyes nigga) fuck 'em fuck 'em (you can see it in my eyes nigga) fuck 'em bow bow fuck 'em fuck 'em fuck 'em (I'm the coolest nigga alive nigga) taking penitentiary chances (you can see it in my eyes) fuck 'em fuck 'em fuck 'em fuck 'em fuck 'em aye but y'all for real stay positive though you know on a real note man all my youthful fans and everybody like listening

Regardless you can hear me on this motherfucker talking that murder but just know (realist nigga alive) that that's not the right thing to you know be talkin alive because we all got partners dying daily, daily and that shit ain't funny but like I said man this what motherfuckers be around I done made, like, you know... And still in it right now, still in the jungle bitch that's why you rap

Niggas y'all funny to me y'all all now all the sudden trying to be regular now and show how real y'all is after I done came out after I done changed the game after I took over the game last year and did it you see everybody got they lil b swag now I respect it yeah but you damn sure gone check it you feel me aye man this that number one bitch mixtape you know basedworld really getting me you feel me niggas think this a game fuck 'em

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