Goddamn this has been a, long journey at sea
It's time to go back underwater though
Man it feel like I'm never gon' get anywhere
It's all good though, we changed the game baby
I'm a get my mind right at this water real quick and just, reminisce

When lil b come riding through the crusade
I'm a show you that I'm here for the long run
Kick the football I'm a show you bout' my gold line
Niggas gotta make it motherfuck a gold mine
Still I control mine, the city yeah I hold mine
Bitch mob got me posted up with the coke line
Dope line so, my music is the bass line
Listen to my voice I ain't gotta say I'm dealin'
We sing the same songs of war
Eastside, westside, southside, northside I'm swimmin'
On this shit this my last hope

Basedworld paradise I gotta go, I hope I flow
In the city taking notes
Mental aspects I'm trying to get out the projects
It's the project
Meta meta when you out it ya gon' see better
When ya in it your seein' cheddar
Stay clouded by the weather
Working hard gotta get your shit together
I'm on a lifeboat trying to see my life scope
At the sea flashes so bright, with the
Rides of hope

I just go underwater (let me go), let me, descend

The days change, the earth does, the people too
The desert told me everything I be closer
Lil b, take my mind off the small shit
Moving to the beat keys wish my niggas seen me
Jumping with them big leafs
Climb over walls that was built to restrict me
Throwing rocks at me, trying to separate

Hurt my heart, this hurt me at the gate I'm on a deeper level
They looking back, and they gon' thank me
Based God helped me through these terrible tense
Basedworld paradise is where I reside
I'm a live my life, live it to the fullest
Keep the game tight under water, h20 for my fucking life
I know the based God basedworld paradise!

I love you, live your life
Smile for me, alright?
Lil b

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