Yea I'm pokin' bout that money nigga (pokin' bout that money nigga)
Yea we uhh, druggin' up you know, everything
P.Y.T Mixtape, you know, it's that based shit (it's that based shit)
Yea, we startin' these nigga's hands in on there neck
You know what I mean, we ain't playin with em'
Were talkin' bout it's that P.Y.T mixtape boy
Yea, it's Lil B, yea, yea, yea, it's your boy Lil B

My niggas poppin' guns with the network
Brand new AK, you gon need a sweatshirt (sweatshirt)
Put you on the news bitch, with your favorite network
G4 flights, you know about my net worth
Pussy ass nigga's don't scare me, dare me
I'm riden' with the roc, you would think I'm memphis bleek
P.Y.T mixtape nigga
Still sip syrup, wrong strophes in the river (river)
I might just serve it (serve it)
Take youto the ghetto (to the ghetto)
Slide up like hello (yes)
Can't talk now, this is not in my schedule (you feel me)
Them boy talk about me but they not on my level (nah)
I'm tryin' to get it in with my skyline bezel (skyline bezel)
Sittin' at the loft with my mind on cheddar (mind on chedder)
Nigga's try ta plot, (yea) it's def jam vendetta (detta)
I'm going all out, (out) hammers like terminator (bam)
San fransisco 49er and I'm a oakland raider
You feel me, (yes) bitch I'm seein' paper
Fake people out here smile, with the devil's grin
Nigga got traumatized, (P.Y.T) how the fuck you gon win?
Nigga's say I never sing, but I don't believe em' though (uh uh)
Nigga's can't say I'm not from my city though
Last thing on my mind, hood game, small time (small time)
Nigga's gettin' locked up, out here for sellin' dimes
Say he got a manager, (damn) but he out here sellin' dimes
Most nigga's sellin' dreams', nigga I can't waste my time
A lot of niggas still young
Real old, tryna stay up on top, like a nympho (damn)
Chest got wet up, like a nympho (damn)
I'm comin' with that info
The gun that I tote make cowboys jealous (jealous)
Got the same line (yes) that I had forever
Pussy nigga

P.Y.T mixtape you know
It's your boy Lil b
Pretty Young Thug shit
I'm still thuggin out you feel me
And that's how feel about it
That's how we feel about the shit, you feel me
Like I said, P.Y.T, Pretty Young Thug mixtape
Ain't nobody fuckin with Lil B
Rawest rap, you know rawest rapper alive
Thugged the fuck out bitch
P.Y.T Mixtape
Welcome to this shit, you know
Welcome to the board, you feel me
Shouts out to Philidelphia
Shouts out to virginia, what it do VA, ya
Shouts out Miami, the whole 9
Milwaukee, what it do
Shouts out Ohio, (you feel me) what it do
Shouts out Kansas, you feel me
Shouts out, Nebraska (shouts out nebraska)
I'm still thuggin' like I said
P.Y.T mixtape nigga
Pretty Young Thug
It's your boy Lil B

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