Uh, uh, uh
Based freestyle, it's lil b
Basedworld paradise
Why does money gotta fuck a nigga head over
Do anything for the cash they'll leave your legs open
Nah niggas focused, nah my niggas riders
Behind closed doors, all my niggas hiding bodies
But not the real bodies, man harm bodies
So get at me, nigga I know about it

Ain't talking, behind nigga I ain't no phony
Thought you was real you just a cadillac homie
Back-to-back homie, niggas said I'm so lonely
I know my brother dodges, your family phony
Now your acting phony and I ain't fucking witcha
You don't deserve this, I want a real friendship

Niggas had me before all this shit, but you can't say that
Now I'm doing this, I heard of this, fuck it I blow a kiss
You had a friendship but that friendship ain't shit
These niggas talking bout' the bread
Wonder why I stopped fucking with the hood the hood is dead
A couple heads, but I can't be around the feds man
Fuck you man stab you when you dead man

That's how they is man
They stab you when you dead nigga
Fuck niggas man, fuck suckas man
Fuck suckas before everything
Lil b bitch, basedworld paradise

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