You know we banging on the front line
Basedworld paradise
Rocking up, protecting lil b, lifestyle beautiful
Here to salute - I got a lot of beautiful women
Shouts out to all the beautiful women worldwide
Bitches wanna fuck me daily

Take a pic, you are a superstar
On the road, basedworld paradise

Niggas can't fuck with me I'm a tell you like that
Broadie talkin fast, woadie what's that
He ain't got no bitches, broadie what's that?
I'm still counting money, I'm still counting hundreds
I'm still fucking hoes, broadie bounce back
Flex fifteen, fuck two bitches
I'm a throw a party, fuck niggas jealous
Fuck niggas can't come, fuck niggas can't party
Shoutout to my best friend, punk bitch gon' fuck me
Slap bitches and jack niggas, jack niggas and slap bitches
Everyday on the front line, mick foley, steve austin
Rich nigga get a flight to boston
Rip eddie guerrero
Rip chris benoit
Chopping niggas for the fuck of it
Cuffer hoes I love the bitch
Fuck nigga I love hoes
No shame I been saying
Hit licks I'm not telling
Open up my spot in heaven
Fuck nigga I'm a fucking gangster little bitch

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