Yeah this that "I Forgive You" mixtape
You know we back-to-back
Bentley coupe, Phantom, Maserati, all that
Shout out to my young cause Tooby, what it is?
Fuck with me! I got love, wassup ladies?
Fuck with me! I love y'all
Money everywhere

Based God fucks with it
Everybody know that the kid's so exquisite
Black Bentley coupe, bitch I think I'm the mayor
Middle Eastern girl: I think I'm Middle Eastern! "
Persian, 100 grand cash and I'm splurging
Never figure 8, all I do is skate
Bitch, look at me, bitch: I'm Based God!
Rich ho Based God, take a picture Based God
Went to the bank, I talked shit to the teller
They look at me crazy, there's nothing you can tell me
I'm self-made and I think I'm Rick Ross
Bitch, it's easy. Bitch, just watch me
Young Based God and some muthafuckin swagger
Still got the plug and I rock with the 50 Cent
If you got a plug bitch, I'm master teacher
Sensei Based God, my bitch is my best friend
She looks so good, she dress up for the occasion
Condo, only thing I see is the pigeons
All good air, so high on the balcony
My girl said she wants to go into the pool
Bitch, you look so fearless! You're like Jumanji
I'm rich like a salesman, bitch I'm so cocky (Dr. Phil!)
Bitch, this is funny shit
Damn if I lose 100 grand to the Game
Play me like a ho, for real? Ok bitch... (Anderson Cooper! Based God!)
I'm coming with that 10. I'm coming with that 8

Drive your own thoughts, touch down your brain
Fuck with that tit for tat, you feel me?
Round clips same color as a strap
Platinum blonde head and eyes like an ocean
She suck on my dick, I'm so grateful, I'm so lucky
Bitch, I think I ran tho
Feel like I'm cocaine
I don't want to do the bitch, she is a stripper
Bitch, you're Eddie Murphy
You just came to America
100 bitch
I'm broke and I'm rich, yeah!

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