I swag,
Just Lil B blaze got bitch
Pink flame hoe,
Shout up to mothafuckers

My bitch suck dick so I never kiss her
Call me mister base God, bitch I ain't that nigga
Out in my desktop, talking next to
Shaking ass like a mothafucking knock hell
Bitch look like she offer magazine,
Bitch I don't know what I'm talking about I'm bout green,
Eyes pull up, on the mothafucking scene,
I'm still smoking weed, I' still servign green,
Came on the block and they know about me,
Call me Mr. Man with the many pour teens,
Active load and it's never me,
Call me a bitch 'cause it's money on me,

I really got the man I'm a new school gangsta,
Old as niggas that they game player,
When I turn forty I'm just still get...
When I turn sixty I'm a pull around twenty,
1A7, my swag is murder, you know about base God,
Guess I heard of, I'm a show you boys about the glock in the burner
I'm a show the girls that Lil B...
Stop it, okay?
I'm a myth, I'm a copy... with the blaze, on their wips
And I might here to seitch
You felt the shouts to LA what it is?
Hey, Kay, we know what it is?
Uh, I'm a tell niggas like this,
Shouts out to Texas nigga, okay I'm thuggin' in Texas

I'm a Texas thug, Lil B base God

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