Oh all the girls need to come up over here, ooh girl wassup
Like I said ooh, I'm so thirsty
These bitches is hella thick in this muthafucka but anyway
Welcome to my show where we talk about how many bitches
I have, and all the bitches that love me
So with that being said I have 10 bitches, I feel great, I feel like a superstar

Bitch twurk sum
Miss twurk sum
Bitch twurk sum

Fucking hoes tryna bag on twurk sum
Making booty clap bitch I home run
Girl you looking good I'm tryna fuck sum
Dance on me do it how you want
She make her ass vibrate to lil b
She fuck lil b I love lil b
At the party I'm like what's up bitch
Wobble that ass like a ho bitch
Show me what you working with
Ooh, girl you so thick
Girl that booty look so cute
Is that booty a plane I wanna fly it too
Twerk that ass for lil b, ooh
Girl I love you

Had to put that girl on a tight leash
She fucked the based God and lil b
Twerk that ass all on me
Oot 'n' aboot booty
Oot 'n' aboot bitch oo ee
She wanna do me and fuck me
Twerk on me, we ain't gotta have sex
Just twerk for free

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