Yeah my cash out game at an all time high
I'm cashing bitches out off the strift
I'ont even got to know the bitch and I'm cashing her out
What you want?
You want a couple bills bitch, you want a couple bills boo
Oh it ain't nothing
Cash out game is vicious right now
It's ya boy lil b 2-14 man

I fuck who I want, I fuck who I want
These bitches love money
I fuck who I want, I fuck who I want

Punk ass bitch I'm cashing out
I'm a spend the cash, I'm a cash out
I ain't gon' lie mane I cash the ho out
Spend my last check on the ho ass out
Fuck the recession man I'm cashing hoes out
Fuck 1% a 100% million bitches

1% This tell the bitch fuck you
I'm a fuck the bitch and I'm a cash the ho out
Better for me, I feel more relaxed
Pay a bitch rent and I even paid her taxes
Pay the bitch tonight and I pay the bitch tomorrow
If she gotta pussy I might want to borrow

Punk ass bitch don't love me
I'm tryna' cash out bitch shut the fuck up
I'm riding with the bitch and I'm blowing on blunts
I beat the bitch pussy like I beat my son
Beat the ho up and I'm smoking on a blunt
Beating bitches up that's the lowest of the low
Paying for the head or I'm paying for the shoulders

Paying for the cocaine, paying for the popo
Bitches want to fuck me, cashing hoes out
I'm a do that to the end, say that shit again
Cashing hoes out I'm a do that to the end
Call me a trick bitch that's what it is
Call me trick-or-treat I love that bitch
I handcuff hoes, legoooo
It ain't no shame in my game, I handcuff
I love em, cashing bitches out

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