Niggas over here, we'll bust your head, whodie
I'm a tell you like this, bitch, wassam, whodie
I'm a fuck that ho in the ass, whodie (based God)
And I'm still yellin' muthafuck the task, whodie
And I still got that hard in the bag, whodie
We be goin' too dumb in the functions, whodie
Nigga got a pistol, I don't give a fuck, whodie
I know you fucked her hard, yeah, that's what's up, whodie
Are you finna die? Yeah, that's what's up, whodie (based God)

Wanna wear a black mask like a ho, whodie
I'm a street nigga like project pat, whodie
But I'm a little worse, bitch, bet that, whodie
I hold that black mac, that's what's up, whodie
Lil b rep the world, that's wassam, whodie
I'm the number one bitch, that's wassam, whodie
Shouts out to lil wayne, whodie!

All my real niggas holla, whodie whodie
All my freak bitches holla, whodie whodie
South side holla, whodie whodie
New orleans holla, whodie whodie

Lil b actually don't give a fuck, whodie
Yeah, he be thuggin' hard bitch, yeah, that's wassam, whodie
I was that nigga off the porch with a dream, whodie
And I still go hard to get that green, whodie
And these niggas don't wanna let me be, whodie
And I ain't even really on tv, whodie
But I'm a keep it real, rest in peace, whodie

I'm a keep it real man, the streets want me
I'm a keep it real, lil b, that nigga hungry
And I sleep with the mac like a ho, it's nothin'
Word around town that lil b be buzzin'
Streets love me, ya feel me? Uh
Yeah, the streets love me
One time for the motherfuckin' new orleans
Shouts out to all the wars, let's get it!

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