This morning stayed in my bed
Longer than I usually ever do
So much running through my head
And I have to say every thought was about you
Can't believe it feels so fresh
Like this very second was the first day we met
I just want to cherish
What I got with you cause there's no comparing

You know that I know it baby
How far I go baby *something line of fire?*
Just cause your mine baby
Wherever I go, your with me,
Don't have to be near me, 20-20 vision on you

If I ever woke up and couldn't see again, your pictures in my head,
So I wouldn't go alone without the beauty of your face, I'll trace the silhouette,
Don't worry if I was blind, I would be fine, as long as your mine
If I was blind (if I was blind)
My only wish would be to see you before I lose my sight
If I was, if I was blind

(A-ah) ohohoh oh (a-ah) ohohoh oh ayay (if I was blind)
(A-ah) ohohoh oh (a-ah) ohohoh oh yeah

You could lead me straight in the crowd, all I have to do is simply reach out
I would find you without a doubt, one touch of your skin brings the memories back around
How can I forget about, your caramel kisses and the new year wishes we made together,
It would be my eyes I can see forever

(Do you know the limits baby,
How far I go baby, *something line of fire?*
Just cause I'm your lady*
Wherever I go, your with me
Don't have to be with me, 20-20 vision on you

Repeat *Chorus*

No one ever knows when life decides to take a u-turn
So I'm just thankful to be with someone as beautiful as you
If I didn't see another day withcha' I could still see ya' anyway cause love is blind
Bl-ind bl-ind bl-ind, yeah
If I ever woke up...

Repeat *Chorus*

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