One time, welcome to the ghetto

All I know is hustling, and striving and feeling pain
Each and everyday, I'm surviving stuck in the game
Gotta get this money, this cash that's all I know
Done came a long way, but got far to go

[Lil' Keke:]
Alright just check it out, I know I'm living a life of sin
A thug coming up, trying to find a way to win
I'm on my knees, asking the Lord to give me help
I'm trying to make a difference, doing bad for myself
I'm on a bumpy road, so that's all I really know
Trying to slide through the do', but the money coming slow
I hustle up, and try to get some recognition
Steady searching for my soul, trying to stay up out the kitchen
This rap game, got my head leaning back
Got my family at the house, so I'm trying to make a stack
In a dirty world, but I'm trying to make a switch
But the game crawling up, it's so hard to get rich
I'm concentrating, trying to stash what I got
Record company CEO's, all these boys trying to plot

Trying to hold me a spot, trying to get me some fame
Got love for the pain, that I get from the game uh

[Hook x2]

[Lil' Keke:]
I know I'm right there, so I'm working a lil' harder
Doing show after show, trying to stay above water
CD's got me grinding, the mic got me shining
Paying attention close, to the charts I'm climbing
I'm a hustler, really trying to get it how I live
Staying in battle mode, cause it's real in the field
I'm a soldier, fighting against the game I love
From the tears to the sweat, on down to the blood
Gotta get mine, with no time to rewind
These niggaz be left behind, out here losing they mind
But I'm trying to find, another life other than grind
Niggaz be giving up, but I'm steady putting it down
So I changed up, now I'm Lil' Keke the Don
Doing hits across the world, with that Poetic 1
We some trend setters, with these haters to blame
I ain't gon never give it up man, I love this game uh

[Hook x2]

[Lil' Keke:]
I say never say never, a part of the G code
Drinking on that drank, I'm smoking and staying blowed
Whatever it takes, to put my mind at ease
I need the moola the cash, gotta have that cheese
A lot of bad habits, got me working overtime
Constantly trying to shine, got a nigga left behind
The repercussions, will make a gangsta change
Keep my head to the sky, cause I love this game uh

[Hook x2]

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