Here we go, baby that's fa sho
Uh here we go, yeah
Rest In Peace DJ Screw, my nigga F-A-T P-A-T
Mafio, you know what I'm saying
Some of H-Town's finest
We gon show up and po' up, all the way till we blow up

[Lil' Keke:]
Rest In Peace, to the real DJ
Chopped & Slowed, you know the click don't play
Rolling down the strip, with the high beams on
Let 'em see the Roley, while I'm talking on the phone
Things getting better, talking bout the cheddar
Riding up on the slab, chromed out fo' letter
B-E-N, to the Z
The 500 coupe, drove by Lil' Ke
Each and every day, I'm trying to get the feddy
Thoed in the game, I got's to stay ready
H-Town finest, ice to the flo'
Southwest connect, baby that's fa sho
Better get your's, cause I'ma sho get mine
Commission rich nigga, I ain't hard to find
All about the cash, so I mash on the pedal

The S.U.C., on a whole 'nother level

I say one for the money, two for living layed
I'm a real G, that got's to get paid
Hustle grind, that's all we do
Southside for life, jamming nothing but the Screw
One for the money, two for living layed
All my real G's, that love to stay paid
Hustle grind, do what you do
On the Westside, yeah them boys jam Screw

[Lil' Keke:]
Rest In Peace, to my nigga P-A
Think about my nigga, every god damn day
Back to the pad, gotta make 'em feel that
Never leave home, without the chrome plated gat
Clocking much do', cashing much green
Since day one, we been the freestyle kings
Since the start, it been a Screwed Up invention
Don't worry bout shit, I go hard representing
My niggaz is gone, but guess who holding it down
Southside for life, welcome to H-Town
The Don is back, yeah the one and only
Puffing on doja, for all my dead homies


[Lil' Keke:]
To the ghetto stars, trying to get that thang
Stacking chips high, this a hell of a game
Never giving up, on the shit I love
Smoking doja sipping syrup, that's the life of a thug
Rest In Peace, to a playa for real
Independent black owned, with a major deal
Avarice and Commission, nothing but addition
Leaving out the game, with a bigger position
Hustle grind, that's all we know
Show after show, plus we push snow
Stuck in the game, so I got's to win
Getting paid all night, then I do it again come on


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