Never-never, never gonna - 3x

We hustling, we grinding
We shining, never gonna give up
We strolling, we rolling
We holding, never gonna give up
They faking, they hating
They waiting, never gonna give up
We tripping, no slipping
My click, ain't never gonna give up

[Lil' Keke]
I take a second to cash a second to mash, a minute to flash
A hour to smash, a second to blast
So at last, switch the gear work the touch
Grab the stick press the clutch, man what's up
Gotta get it all, stay focused and never fall
Walks up the stairway, with placks on the wall
Money standing tall, you know tall as Yao Ming
Minding my bidness, is a dream like Ikeim
CMG we true, only real I trust that
Shooting a couple of slugs, just to see you bust back
CD's underground, and the bricks we banking
You come up stinking, fucking with my Franklins
So I go FED, get money and stand strong
Stay on my game, press the pedal and get it on
It's my fault, that I ain't did it befo'
Treat the cash like a drive through, I get it to go


[Lil' Keke]
The hood don't ever change, the ghetto'll stay the same
Killing's and drug dealing's, yeah they giving us the pain
Yeah we hard now, never flip-flop
Never snitch on the gang, cause it don't stop
This the family, you know the ones that say they love me
The ones that's staying down, when the shit looking ugly
On a different page, together up on the stage
With the 4-5 cocked mine, ready to blaze
Pumping the gauge loading the K, ready to spray
Ripping the scene, AR-15
And we vest up, my killas rest up
Now they running and hiding, cause they done messed up
But I'ma stay low, hitting licks and getting do'
Do a 360 turn, try to earn some mo'
Fire up the endo, when it's time to blow
Crank up the L-I, when it's time to go cause


[Lil' Keke]
Niggas get to' down, up on the low down
Cause they be playing these games, they need to slow down
You know it go down, niggas ain't tripping no mo'
They be kidnapping kids, roaches all at your do'
All on your flo' looking for work, searching for dirt
Clutching the heat ready to squirt, looking to hurt
Looking for cash, but I'll never lag
Ready to plug a hole, in a motherfucking fag
Everyday is the same thang, living the fast lane
You hustle and struggle to bubble, but you maintain
Late show, and I'ma stay on the grind
Ain't no future in your fronting, cause I gotta get mine yeah

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