Southside, the land of milk and honey baby
Real niggaz getting money baby, respect that
Broke niggaz, get somewhere only the strong survive
All about that paper baby, we want it

Money by the tons, weed in my lungs
Switch blades and guns, niggaz don't want none
This is the Dirty, the land of the birdie
Hustlers up early, getting they hands dirty
You heard me, yeah we get that do'
Sell out and resco', and then get some mo'
And also, we spit that amazing flow
Ask me what I'm hitting fo', I want ten a show

[Lil' Keke]
Niggaz up in the gutter, they do it for white and butter
They stretching it like it's rubber, the ghetto a motherfucker
Ducking the undercover, FED's they trying to smother
Got taps up on your mother, your sister and baby brother
Working in closed do's, walking on tip toes
And these zeros, processing these kilos
Scratching for chips and cheddar, making a cookie buck
Gangstas up in the hood, we get it no matter what

[Hook - 2x]
When it's on in the hood, you feel it deep in your gut
Gangstas gon hold it down in the streets, no matter what
Packages by the hour, my nigga we get it early
Grind and get your cash, this how we do it in the Dirty

This right here, gon squash all the rumors
Satisfy consumers, and cause some brain tumors
Our boy's a late bloomer, but now of excel
Local to worldwide, expanding like Nextel
Niggaz hoping I fail, but I raise hell
In the shit I sell, quickly moves off the shelves
I'm a hood nigga, up to no good nigga
Hood nigga, I wish you would nigga
Eleven-nine-eleven, nigga that's what's up
I'm strolling the cut, pinky suits and all black Chucks
You gotta have nuts, cause gangstas gon hold it down
Saturating the town, white tan or brown
Bricks of pounds, you bumping get hit with rounds
Kicked around, fuck around and get beat down
Cause it's money to be made, on my side of town
If you ain't getting money, you better move around

[Hook - 2x]

[Lil' Keke]
Niggaz out here faking, and hating on my ability
All type of weapons and guns, in facility
Niggaz out here bumping they gums, it's really killing me
Gangstas representing in the hood, I know you feeling me
Off top, this how the work gon get handled
Snatching from the po', when they cross the ship channel
Quick nigga, and I ain't got time to think
Only dates matter now, it's the first and fifteenth
And it's casualties in war, ain't no friends in money
Everybody's all good, when the days is sunny
But I'm a G-A-N-G-S-T-A
Multiply and add, trying to raise up my pay
This one for the fam, so I hold shit down
Worldwide round the globe, but it's still H-Town
This is for the hustlers, I know you heard me
Wrecking 2K4, straight up out the Dirty

[Hook - 2x]

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