Check it out, this a hood classic
We gon do it like this for the ghetto's
And the projects out there, in the world
Feel this here

[Lil' Keke:]
This the shake down, you niggaz break down
This for haters in the world, putting they hate down
We got cake now, sp we step on the scene
Convertible looking clean, got my mug on mean
This is Southside, to the Northside
In the 7-4-5, the beamer be sitting wide
Get my roll on, yeah coast to coast
Like my nigga Big H.A.W.K., I'll butter ya toast
Riding fat sack, I turn my har back
Jamming old school Pat, how you like that
Cause it's drastic, I'ma glass it
This for DJ Screw man, another classic

Check it you know, we gon reach out to all the thugs
All the gangstas all the cut throats, three time felons
Niggaz out there, getting that bread mayn

Getting that cheddar, staying low to the ground
Reall not trying to hear it, you understand
I'ma stay down and get mine, try to stay up on this mic
Go off take it to another level, and get this money you heard

[Lil' Keke:]
A pen and a paper, a stereo a taper
Since 9-blow, I been known to pull a caper
Light it up, and let the chronic gon blow
Creased and pieced up, got the bitch like whoa
I'm popped up, traffic stopped up
This for all young niggaz, getting locked up
Slow ya roll mayn, go on get ya some cash
Be careful up in the city, take your time and mash
This a war zone, get you a cell phone
And if push come to shove, get your bust on
Get your paper the cheese, the feddy I gotta have it
This for my ghetto niggaz, another classic what

Yeah, this for them go-getters out there
You know I'm tal'n bout, them hard borads
That gotta get they card, getting on them planes
Getting on them trains, with that cocaine ya heard
Yeah, this for y'all shaking that ass in that club
Staying up all night, getting them 10's and 20's
Get that money girl, cause I ain't gon give it to ya
Somebody got to do it but not me, go 'head wholay

[Lil' Keke:]
Buckle up knuckle up, when you coming correct
The hood and projects, getting much respect
8100 block, you know we bust back
In the heart of South Park, is where my hood at
But it's all gravy, Will Rush and T-Baby
Knock and Duke and Archie Lee, Hard Head Crazy
Big Sean and them, yeah you know we a G
Joe Boy, Big Chris and that Fruit Fooly
Big up's to Screw, I'ma do what I do
Gotta lay another track, for my nigga Poo-Poo
Hold your head nigga, you know the Lord work his magic
I grab the microphone, and drop another classic what

Yeah, this was some gangsta shit
Just another hood classic, just in the studio tripping
Doing what I do, drop one for the gangstas
Drop one for my block, 8100 Hersche' Texas
Southwest Guerillas, the Tray you know South Park period
You know all over here Sunnyside, Blue Ridge
All my niggaz staying down, ya heard 4th Ward
We gon do this like this here, my niggaz out there on the North
Slim Theezy, them Boyz N' Blue the Bug Unit
Wizzle, C.M.G., Manish, my click you understand
2-2 this how we do it my nigga Russ, T-Baby what it do
8100 blizock for life, ya heard

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