I dont really wanna feel like back in the days way
Before the record deal hustlin tryin to get a meal steady tryin to flip
A brick ya girl got the blues you would think I was fuckin crip
I sip that crystal shit and smoke a l and at the same time
Tryin' to stratigize how to get this paper more money more haters
Especially when your not the average bitch cause I'm a boss (yo thats deep)
Cause I be on some "get it how you get it" you know money over niggas type thing
I got these rap dames turnin green like they want it with the queen
Ms. N.o.a.t. never stressin tell these bitches better fight
For second even though it gets lonely at the top anythings better
Than being back on the block cause nobody know
It's kimberly jones then the queen b know what I mean?

Every now and then I start trippin and get to thinkin bout bk thugs
In the pj's or my peoples (yeah I know what you mean)
Thats living illegal dont let niggas mislead you the streets
Is evil aint nobody in the game stuntn like we do I'ma make it to a bill
Trust this just give me some time like the judge did if you hatin yall
Can get the middle finger fuck it [?] kiss em thats my pussy
You tastin amazing queen b. In the place my thoughts paint pictures
Yall just copy and trace dont fuck with the fake or talk about em (uhn huh)
Fuck the law always kept it hardcore like my first album (so why dont you just soften up)
Neva that the first code on the street is to never wrap I dont trust no body (yo you can trust me)
Why? (I'm just like you) thats deep....

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