(I'm What It Is!) x3
(ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, hah!) Repeat

Verse 1: Lil' Mama
I used to be fresh for the block, Friday Nights, Party Nights. Fresh for the block, cause everybody in the party straight from the block. So what they gon stop. My messy grind is sick. My heel toe's a twista. 360 this is. (Come play wit ya boy!) My toe wop is sick. Hit that then hit the 360, this is. (Not that critical!) I ain't tryna bother u. I definitely ain't trya keep up cuz i'm ahead of you, what eva group,then i murder you, Magic where the birds are due. But that just suck and change up, straight rapper, any body call the material cuz i take checks, yes, make this a foreclosure. Mess wit ya, i been real and the game is over. Yea, i'm older, risk for the wretches, i'm what it is, but they not like this

Chorus: T-Pain
She's fine, she's sexy, cool. Stop now, you don't know wat to do wit her. (I'm What It Is) All these chicks can keep hatin but they know that they can't fool with her. (I'm what it is) She hit the spot and shut it down. (Down!) NO messin around. Strike a pose girl. (Awww yeah) Strike A Pose girl! Now get on!

Verse 2: Lil' Mama
Dudes, so agressive the girls pressin. (I'm what it is) But she'a a wack adolescent. (I'm what it is) Success is my only mission, it's impossible for anyone to come and get it. Definition of world challenges and I write all bars. Hot cars up in the hood, they call me "Hold those bars". I'm a star like my little brother, On star, And I will eat you rappers cuz u candy, it's all. Lil' Mama, the n*gga make a name donna gon slop. I'm the truth in the building and shawty gets loose. And the way I eat. Why you so mean Lil' Mama? You're SO mean. SO? I like to rock the party and I like to rock to rock the show. And they steppin to my game i gotta use all floors and when you stuck tryna play with my mind like I'm crazy, hold baby, i'm gon rock u baby.

(Repeat Chorus) T-Pain

Verse 3: Lil' Mama
Wish, you'd come around here ballin, with me these need to freeze. That's a tip, cuz I've been to where ur sights seen, There's nothing you people could ever do to excite me. Can't see like we do so maybe more than likely. Street, I have no sick disease, which means i got no synthesies,that means i have no sympathy. I have no antidote, you heard me? Please, oh, with the C.B. fortune. Walk in here ring the door, see more so feed me more. This it I've had to say it for some time now. If anybody got an objection, timme's now. More fitted and more strong cuz she's on. she's on. Wake up in the morning, go to sleep at dawn. My mother should've named me Dawn. Uh, UH, uh, On. Either way i would've been the chick that took the script and switched it like this. (I'm What It Is)

(Repeat Chorus) T-Pain

(Repeat Intro)

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