Romeo...I know that girls don't normally do this but...can I get
your number?
All right Shawty, (310) 770 0907

I wanna make you my girlfriend you, can be my boyfriend [x2]

[Verse 1:]
Look I dun traveled all over the globe, different countries,
different area codes. Whether its
shooting movies or rock the show, I mean I meet a nice girl
every where that I go. Shouts out to
Halie up in Cali, Tammy and Brandy my girls in Miami.
Whenever I'm in town they treat me like family, I can't forget
about my girl named Sandy. "Who's
that" my girl from N.Y., Told me whenever I'm in town to swing
by. Real love coming from real
fans. In every arena they be filling up the stands. They in the
airport as soon as my plane
lands, I wanna hug them all and kiss every one of their hands.
Naww I'm not a player don't get it twisted baby,I just got love
ofr you all beautiful ladies.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Ok, on tour, city to city, Its hard for me to leave cuz they all
so pretty, I wish my bus was
big enough to bring them all wit me. Exchange phone numbers and
tell them all to hit me, But
there ain't enough time in the day, for it to go down that way.
Open all my fan mail and read every thing they say, I'll never
let you down and in my heart you
will stay. Yeah, wherever I'm at wherever I go, Yeah, North,
South, East, or west coast Preparing
for touring in Tokyo, i got love for the girls, I just want them
to know That I appreciatethe
love you give, you ogt posters on the walls in you crib. Because
of you I'm making it in the biz,
without ya'll I wouldn't have made it this big.

[Chorus x2]

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