This Romeo And You Know
What We Gonna Make
Them Dance This Christmas
Tell Me A Story,I Belive Oh I Belive
All Things Are Possible On Christmas Eve
(LiL Romeo)
It was the night before christmas
and all through the house not a creature was starring
not even a mouse The stockings was hung by the chimeny with care
in hopes that saint nick soon would be there
me my sistas and brothas gettin ready for bed cant wait to get toys
for more to break bread
moms on her pillow in her pajamies pops silk
Santa claus coming leave the cookies and milk
Tell Me a Story i belive oh i belive
all thing are possible on christmas eve
every time i hear that rhyme i love it even more
tell me a story about the night before
(Lil Romeo)
Now could it be a dream.. i think i heard noise jumped out the bed
Its the no limit voice i ran to the window...creep creep Bright red
shining its my new Hum-V snow in the south HuH thats kinda silly
is it Santa Clause or is it my uncle willy now he dont play games
but this when it feel Really,but, i seen eight tiny reindeer bout to
come near me..Tell Me A Stroy...Ok you wanna know check it out..
now santa called them by names..Dasher Dancer Prancer..They all
came .Vixen Comet Cupid.eyes droopy..long ears looked just like
Snoopy..Can't forget Donder and Blitz...three Kings carrying the gifts
Reindeers Are Leaping
Flying So High
To the moon and the stars that are high in the sky
Going Up and Around
Just See How They do
Same Thign They Do Ringing there bels
Just see it its true

(Lil Romeo)
Ain't no bout the gifts but im glad santa came
Thanks For The Video Games and the Bling Bling
My little sista and brotha like the train
I'm Just Glad for the love you bring
So you better not shout you better not pout
Yall Know what im talking about
merry christmas to all
hialry you know what to write
Tell Me A Story
(Lil Romeo)
Wish For It You Just Might Get It Ok
Tell me a story I belive oh i belive all things are possible on christmas
eve,Every Tme i hear that rhyme i love it even more
tell me a story about the night before

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