You Can't Shine Like Me...Ya Know
Ride Like Me..Ya Know
Pull Dimes Like Me...Ya Know
If You Ain't From The Street...Ya Know

Imma Hood-Star - You Know Who Im Iz
I Rock Big Ice - You Can't How I Live


10 Karats On My Air-Lobs Jake
DVS On My Risk, 20 Karats On My Neck
Why Y'all Sliding, On The Little Bittie 06 Vet (what)
Im Waitin On The Runway For My G4 Jet (haha)
Im Ahead Of The Game, You See You Boys Got Next
Did A Little Bit Of Acting, Just To Stack A Few Checks
I Don't Got To Remind Y'all How The Game Go
Im The Youngest With A Clothing Line, First With A TV Show
Im Not In The Pro's, In I Got Three Black Cars
Call The N.O Saints Over, They Can Practice In My Backyard (mann
I Do It Big, I Guess I Can Say Im Just The Best At It
Had A Million Early, Mann I Been Learn My Mathematics
R-R-O-2 Cocking 06
Boi Stop Stuntin, Cauz If I Wanna I Can Have Your Chick
Don't Get It Twisted, Richie Rich So Guttar
In You The Mommas Boy, In Im The Son Of A Hustler (everybody


See Me, Im So Fly, An Im Different From Them Other Brothers
Only 16 And I Don't Live Home With Mother (ya know)
I Keep It Real, You Don't Believe You Can Ask My Brother
Kids Popping In Grills, An They Thinkin They Getting Tougher
They Tryin To Take Off They Shirt And Ain't Getting Buffer (uh
I Lift Your 180, And Thats Just With One Muscle (just one)
I See Dudes Tryin Act Like Me,
Be Like Me, Dawg Even Dress Like Me (noooo)
You Not Me, And It Won't Be Another
Skit That, Let Me Get To The Jewels And The Clone In Me
The Rocks On My Hand, Got Me Feeling Like A Hustler
You Got A Wizard On Your Hand Kind Of Like Karon Butler
Who Me, I Just Learn From The Best
Hood-Star Down-South With A Mansion On The West (yes)
I Got A Bentley I Don't Even Drive
And I Just Brough A Phantom Just Too See How It Ride (ya know)

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