I still love you
I still love you

You don't know what has become of me
My dreams of you are my only company
I just can't make it without you baby
Cause I really want to say
I should have never thrown our love away
I call your name in the night
Going crazy baby baby baby


I wrote this letter cause I wanted to see
If there was a chance that you still loved me
Cause after all this time
I still love you
I guess this must come as a big surprise
But I need to look right into your eyes
And tell you one more time
I still love you

I watch the time just pass me by
All that I can do is just wonder why
Why are you not here with me now baby
Cause I really want you to know
That I was a fool to let you go
I'll take my time for my crime
Won't you come back baby baby baby

*~*CHORUS (2X)*~*

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