A players eyes
I seen the lies of a players eyes
My heart still cries
A players eyes to forget him I try
Don't believe what you hear
Repeat 2x

I looked into a players eyes
to see what i thought was love.
But now i see they were just lies
it wasn't from above.
he said, 'I love you baby, we will stay
together forever and
make you my lady, we'll be forever gone.

Repeat Chorus 1x

You hurt me player boy don't think I can love any more
Can't you see I'm not a toy
your the one im crying for
here I am pretending not to get
pretending it doesn't matter
but deep inside i think it soo much better
that now my heart is shattered.

Deep inside a player eyes you see
the game of love
be so good in tellin eyes but
it wasnt words from above

In the past he has been burned when
she said, 'This is the end'
But now i take that he has learned
to never fall in love again.

Repeat Chorus 3x

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