Verse 1

Baby, when we met
Thought it was a dream
You came in my life
And gave me everything

I felt so hard
That you were the one
How could I know
It was just for fun?

Now here I am
My heart is broke
Was our romance
some kind of joke?

You can laugh
Boy you'll see
You'll never get real love
You'll get from me


Real love for me
Was loving you 'till
You played your games
And broke my heart in two
You can laugh
Boy you gonna see
You'll never get
Real love you'll get from me

Verse 2

Baby, if you think
I'm still in love with you
Better think again
Boy, it just ain't true

You hurt me bad
I wanted more
I was just a number
You were keeping score

Now here I am
My heart is broke
To you my love
Was just a joke

I'm laughing now
The joke's on you
Cuz this time, boy
This time we're thru

Chorus 2x

Real love 18x

Chorus 2x

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